Out of office
14.01.2020 - 26.01.2020


Between 14 January and 26 January 2020, I am working on chapter 2 of our new project The Europeans in The Black Country. Supported by the amazing Multistory and Creative Black Country.

The Europeans in British Journal of Photography


A nice story about our new project The Europeans. Thanks to The British Journal of Photography!

Where the staggering ambition of The Europeans is striking, this extends further than the breadth of its subject matter alone. As with The Sochi Project, commitment lies here in Hornstra and Van Bruggen’s intention that their work should transcend the confines of the photography world and have an impact on society at large – beyond the echo chambers of those who already see and think like them – connecting and working closely with countless Europeans along the way.

Every Saturday The Europeans in local newspaper Kauno Diena


One of many ambitions Arnold and I have in our new project The Europeans is that we want to use our work to engage people in the heartland regions where we work. We do this for example by first launching our region publication during an exhibiting in a local gallery. In addition, we are trying to team up with a local newspaper, in order to reach a wider audience than just cultural enthusiasts. In the first region where we worked, this has led to a great partnership with the local newspaper Kauno Diena. Every week until the opening of the exhibition at the beginning of April 2020, they publish a full-page portrait from our project in the Saturday issue. The Former Capital is starting to warm up!

Buy this Christmas card leporello and support The Europeans


Looking for CHRISTMAS CARDS and also tired of romantic white snowflakes, fairytale Christmas trees or Rudolph the red nosed reindeer? The Sochi Project produced a leporello with six large size Christmas cards depicting Christmas decorations all over the Caucasus. In an attempt to make people think a little more about those places where people celebrate Christmas in less fortunate conditions. By buying anything from The Sochi Project, you support our new adventure The Europeans.

Introduction newspaper The Europeans


If you’ve been to Unseen Amsterdam, you’ve most likely seen our free introductory newspaper or maybe even brought it home with you. In the near future we will try to distribute the newspaper as much as possible through selected organisations such as FOTODOK Utrecht, Photoq Bookstore Amsterdam, Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol or events such as Paris Photo and the FOTODOK Book Club. Also, a free newspaper will be included with every order in my online store.

Temporary website The Europeans online


Since the launch of The Europeans during Unseen Amsterdam, our website TheEuropeans.fm is also online. This temporary website is intended to provide information during the start-up phase of the project. And, because also this project depends on supporters, ways to support us in accomplishing this ambitious project. We hope to be able to transform TheEuropeans.fm into a narrative website after the completion of the first chapters in 2020.

Introduction The Europeans at Unseen Amsterdam


On Saturday 21 September 2019 Arnold van Bruggen and I will give a short introduction on our new project The Europeans during Unseen Amsterdam. Join us for fun and freebies.

The Europeans in Het Parool


Announcement of our new project The Europeans and launch at Unseen Book Market in daily newspaper Het Parool.

Interview Kauno Diena


Our first interview in connection with The Europeans was recently published on the website of local newspaper cum collaborative partner Kauna Diena.

The start-up of a new project:
The Europeans by Arnold van Bruggen and Rob Hornstra


Excerpt from grant application: “Europe is at a crossroads. The dissatisfied are more powerful than ever, pushing the united Europe into the forefront of drastic measures. This is precisely why this is the moment for an extensive time document in the tradition of Robert Frank’s The Americans or Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Les Européens. In Les Européens, Cartier-Bresson looked beyond nationalism or local customs to find evidence for a greater identity, a European resemblance shared by the people and the landscape. Arnold and I feel inspired by this ambition and want to create a time document of a continent that seems to be prelude to rigorous change.”

I am happy to announce that in the coming months I will have the opportunity to fully focus on setting up a new long-term project: The Europeans. To make that happen, I will be leaving my current job as co-head of the Photography Department at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK), for a while. In collaboration with The Sochi Project team Arnold van Bruggen and Kummer & Herrman, we will be using this period to determine the viability and ultimate form of the project. Within this start-up period we will produce, publish and exhibit the first two chapters of the multi-chapter project in collaboration with the Kaunas Photography Gallery (Europe) and Multistory in the Black Country (Europe). The start-up phase of The Europeans is generously supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

the europeans