“I’ve lived under four different regimes. You always pay someone for water and wood”.

— Birutė, The Former Capital, 2020
The Europeans (2020 - 2030)

“Due to the crisis Russia has lost its political power. That’s not going to last long.”

— Ekaterina Chuckina
Communism & Cowgirls (2004)

“I know so many guys like me. I’m not afraid of anything. My life is over.”

— Andrei
101 Billionaires (2008)

“The Olympic family is going to feel at home in Sochi.”

— Vladimir Putin
An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus (2014)

“Georgia can’t give up Abkhazia, just like you can’t give up your liver.”

— Gogo Khaindrava
Empty land, Promised land, Forbidden land (2010)

“There’s a strong Islamic lobby. They won’t stop until we’re all leading Islamic lives.”

— Taisya Makova
On the other side of the mountains (2010)

Report received of a man who had become unwell. When officers arrived, the man was lying face down on the ground and was barely responsive.

Police File PL -0910 20935
Man Next Door (2017)

“The Rúntur is like going to visit someone. Only difference is that you’re driving in circles.”

— Teitur Magnússon
Roots of the Rúntur (2006)

“We have wrestled since the day the world was created.”

— Magomed Magomedov
Sketchbooks (2011)

“I can forgive you anything. But not betrayal and lies.”

— Stas Mikhailov
Sochi Singers (2011)

“Human rights are actually very well defined here. But that’s on paper. As soon as you run into a uniform and a gun, it’s over.”

— Human rights lawyer Amir
The Secret History of Khava Gaisanova (2013)

“The Soviet mentality and rudeness that still prevail here scare people away.”

— Siray Sirtaki
Sanatorium (2009)

My name is Rob Hornstra. I am a Dutch photographer and self-publisher. I am currently working on a multi-year project on Europeans. Also I present a live talkshow about photobooks in my hometown Utrecht .