New series on local associations in Corona times featured during Europe Day 21


As part of our multiyear project The Europeans, writer Arnold van Bruggen and I have recently worked on an extensive series about local associations in Corona times. How do the numerous associations and clubhouses cope with the absence of community? The series is presented now during Europe Day 21!

Work in progress: The Naval Base


Despite the lockdown, I started working with writer Arnold van Bruggen on chapter 3 in our long-term project The Europeans, titled The Naval Base. The Naval Base portrays a town whose fate is in the hands of the government. A town in the periphery of a country, where many people vote populist parties that promise change. A portrait from the perspective of all kind of inhabitants, through community life, the navy and people in danger of being excluded from society. 

In October, we will exhibit The Naval Base in Het Pompgemaal in Den Helder and present the publication of the same name. The search for supporters to adopt this region is in full swing, in order to contribute to the production of the publication. By adopting a region for €120 you will receive the hardcover edition including the same size print on your doormat. If you pre-order before production date, your name will also be mentioned in the publication.

The Europeans in progress
01.02.2021 - 28.02.2021


This month writer Arnold van Bruggen and I are working on a new chapter within our multi-year project The Europeans based out of the Mondriaanfonds residency Het Pompgemaal. Although we are facing a total lockdown and defying harsh winter weather, we are grateful that so many people are making time for us. Our focus during this work period includes the pandemic impact on community life and people in crucial jobs. We will return here in September to continue working on this chapter, after which we plan to present publication and exhibition on the same place in October. More on that later. Meanwhile meet some Europeans.

the naval base