FOTODOK Book Club 23:
Alessandra Sanguinetti, Yara Jimminck, Kadir van Lohuizen and Louise Honée


After again several postponements due to the Corona pandemic, the next edition of the FOTODOK Book Club will take place on Wednesday, May 12 from 8 - 9:30 pm in TivoliVredenburg Utrecht. This episode can be viewed online only, anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your couch. You can purchase an access ticket for 5 euro via the link below. Language is English.

Column FOTODOK Book Club on Cancel Fear


On December 3, during the FOTODOK Book Club, I spoke out a column with a retrospective on cancel issues in 2020 and a message for 2021: “Let’s put the hard rhetoric behind and make 2021 the year of a renewed openness to critical reflection, to nuance, to shades of grey, and also to forgiveness, to empathy for people who make mistakes. And especially to building a beautiful, diverse, inclusive art world together. With everyone. Also with people who make mistakes and want to do better.” Click on the link for a Dutch translation of the column on the website of FOTODOK. English version can be sent on request.

FOTODOK Book Club 22: Thomas Kuijpers, Robert Knoth, Marvel Harris, Heleen Peeters and more


After several postponements due to the Corona pandemic, the 22nd edition of the FOTODOK Book Club will take place next Thursday, December 3 from 8 - 9:30 pm in TivoliVredenburg Utrecht. Only 30 persons are allowed to be physically present (annual subscribers only). But.., this edition can also be viewed live online, anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your couch. You can purchase an access ticket for 5 euro via the link below. Language is English

Some brilliant books have appeared in the Netherlands in recent months. That is why we have titled this edition The Dutch Edition (ok, also a bit for corona reasons:). The spotlights will be on Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Award nominee Hoarder Order by Thomas Kuijpers, Tree and Soil by Antoinette de Jong & Robert Knoth and the brand new Horse by Heleen Peters. Also in this brimming evening Marvel Harris’ first book Inner Journey, a column by Delphine Bedel, Louisiana van Onna designed a book with photos by Ed van der Elsken and of course favourite books of 2020!

Interview in Uit Agenda Utrecht about FOTODOK Book Club (in Dutch)


In the run-up to the upcoming edition of the FOTODOK Book Club next Thursday, Nynke van Spiegel has interviewed me for Utrecht UIT magazine (in Dutch). In two days will be the first time that you can watch comfortably in your couch anywhere in the world. The FOTODOK Book Club is a live event (also online) and you can purchase an access ticket for 5 euro via The evening is in English.

FOTODOK Book Club 21: Marina Caneve, Jack Latham and Paolo Woodsand more


And the three guests/books for the upcoming FOTODOK Book Club on 5 February 2020 are: Jack Latham with Parliaments of Owls, Marine Caneve with Are they rocks or clouds? and Paolo Woods with State.

Jack Latham can not be missed during this edition, as I had chosen his book as the best photo book of 2019. Marina Caneve’s book also ranked high on the same list. She graduated in 2018 with the eponymous project in dummy form that immediately won prizes. The final book came out more than a year later. And although Paolo Woods’ book is a bit older, I’ve wanted him in the FOTODOK Book Club already for a long time because of his unconventional ideas regarding reaching audiences. Last but not least, also Koen Suidgeest is coming to explain how he sold more than 6000 copies of his first photo book Why I Cry On Airplanes.

My end-of-year contribution to countless Favourite Photo Book lists 2019


It’s listmas time again in the world of photobooks! The time of year when everyone feels the need to share what his or her favourite photo book of the past year was. I love photo books and I love lists, so I can’t resist publishing my own list. My favorite of favorites 2019 can be found at and the complete list is now available at magazine.

Note: Lucas Leffler, author of one of my favorite books, will be a guest at the FOTODOK Book Club in TivoliVredenburg on Thursday night. Besides other great bookmakers including Cristina DeMiddel (Afronauts!). Buy your ticket now using the link below.

FOTODOK Book Club 19: Samuel Fosso, Lebohang Tlali, Ilvy Njiokiktjien and more


On Thursday October 3, 2019, the 19th edition of the FOTODOK Book Club will take place in Tivoli Vredenburg in Utrecht. In this edition the focus is mainly on the African continent. I am very proud that one of Central Africa’s leading contemporary artists, photographer Samuel Fosso, is with us to talk about his upcoming publication Autoportrait, that’s going to be published by Steidl. Photographer Lebohang Tlali will talk about the project that originated after he discovered the photobook Welcome in South Africa (1991) in which Dutch photographer Ad van Denderen and writer Margalith Kleijwegt documented the last days of apartheid. Our own Utrecht Ilvy Njiokiktjien talks about her book Born Free about young people who were born after the end of apartheid in South Africa. And Ben Krewinkel will tell something about Africa in the Photobook. We also have Theo Derksen as our guest with his new book Disneyfication and Csilla Klenyánszki, whose book Pillars of Home is nominated for the prestigious Aperture Paris Photo First Book Award. So much in an hour and a half live talk show!

FOTODOK Book Club 17: Laia Abril, Guy Martin and Jonas Bendiksen


Here we go again! The fifth season of the FOTODOK Book Club kicks off with The Power Edition and contains conversations with an amazing trio of photobook makers. Spanish Laia Abril comes to talk about her book On Abortion, recently winner of the prestigious Paris Photo/Aperture Foundation’s Photobook of the Year Award. I’ll talk to Guy Martin about The Parallel State, a story about power, authoritarianism, and the theatrics of politics. And Jonas Bendiksen comes to tell more about his latest book The Last Testament, for which he traveled all over the world to meet and photograph 7 men that believe they are the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

A single ticket for a Book Club costs €11.00 (students €5.50) and can be purchased via the website of TivoliVredenburg. For €32.50 you become a member for a year, meaning you are guaranteed a seat in all four episodes and you receive 10% discount on the books on the table and of course, you support the FOTODOK Book Club. More information via FOTODOK.

Next FOTODOK Book Club sold out


It was somewhat foreseeable, but this last edition of the fourth season of the FOTODOK Book Club sold out in a few days. If you would like to be considered for the waiting list, please contact FOTDOK (not me). The photographers participating in this 16th edition are Dana Lixenberg with her new publication Tupac Biggie, Bryan Schutmaat with Good Goddamn and Martin Parr with Beach Therapy.

De FOTODOK Book Club is a live talk show in which interviews with makers of photo books are interluded with extraordinary trivia and tips for lovers and collectors. Since its inception in a dark basement four years ago, FOTODOK’s Book Club has relocated several times and grown into crowded evenings for a broad audience in Tivoli Vredenburg.

FOTODOK Book Club 16th Edition
Thursday December 6, 2018 from 8 until 9:30 pm
Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht

FOTODOK Book Club 15: Lewis Bush, Rein Jelle Terpstra and Jan Banning


The 15th edition of the FOTODOK Book Club will feature amazing and in some cases controversial books and makers like The Sweating Subject by Jan Banning, Shadows of the State by Lewis Bush and Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Train - The People’s View by Rein Jelle Terpstra. Laura Cnossen, who told about her graduation dummy Love Klink in an earlier edition, explains why her dummy recently has been published by the English publisher Here Press.

De FOTODOK Book Club is a live talk show in which interviews with makers of photo books are interluded with extraordinary trivia and tips for lovers and collectors. Since its inception in a dark basement four years ago, FOTODOK’s Book Club has relocated several times and grown into crowded evenings for a broad audience in Tivoli Vredenburg.

FOTODOK Book Club 15th Edition
Thursday October 4, 2018 from 8 until 9:30 pm
Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht

FOTODOK's Book Club - The Special Edition @ Unseen Amsterdam


After an intense day of serious roaming, searching, browsing and chatting, we’re there! The guests for FOTODOK’s Book Club - The Special Edition at Unseen Amsterdam are: Todd Hido, Rafal Milach and Ania Nalecka, Mafalda Rakos and Wendy Marijnissen. Better be on time. The number of seats is limited, and available on first come first served basis. Start today at 13:45. Follow link for more information.

FOTODOK's Book Club on Tour @ Unseen Amsterdam


During Unseen Amsterdam there will be a Special Edition of the FOTODOK Book Club in the intimate ‘Annex - Leidinghuis’ for a limited number of people. This edition will take place on Saturday 22 September 2018 from 13:45 - 15:00. The guests will be announced one evening in advance via Instagram accounts of FOTODOK, Unseen Amsterdam and myself. Seats are available on first come first served basis. 

Dates of the next two editions of FOTODOK's Book Club


On Thursday October 4th and December 6th, the next editions of the FOTODOK Book Club will take place in Tivoli Vredenburg. If you want to know more about books and guests to expect or to buy a ticket, please click on the link below. Confirmed guests on October 4th are Jan Banning and Lewis Bush. More soon.

FOTODOK Book Club 14: Andrew Phelps, Christian van der Kooy and Robin de Puy


Very much looking forward to the 14th edition of the FOTODOK Book Club, starting at 8 pm on April 5, 2018 in Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht. It promises to be an exciting evening with fabulous books made by Andrew Phelps & Paul Kranzler (The Drake Equation), Christian van der Kooij (Anastasiia) and Robin de Puy (Randy). Tivoli Vredenburg is located next to Utrecht Central Station. Buy your ticket via the link below.

The FOTODOK Book Club has moved to Tivoli Vredenburg

There we go again! On February 1,2018 at 8 pm, the thirteenth edition of the FOTODOK Book Club takes place with wonderful guests AND we have moved again! In order to make the Book Club more accessible - also for visitors from outside Utrecht - we have decided to move to Tivoli/Vredenburg, a stone’s throw away from Utrecht Central Station. (Feels like a kind of coming home to me as I worked there for ten years as a bartender / host to finance my Photography studies and the start of my professional career.)

The books in this edition of the Book Club are about the aftermath of a conflict: The Egyptian Revolution in 2011 (As It May Be by Bieke Depoorter), The Bosnian War in the early nineties (Lost Takes by Tobias Bijl) and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Stone by Ad van Denderen). Of course, all books are available for viewing or buying and authors are there to sign your new acquisitions.

Announcement of guests for
upcoming FOTODOK Book Club


The next of the FOTODOK Book Club is on Thursday December 14th from 8 - 9:30 pm. For once, the location of the Book Club is the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, allowing visitors to also see my new exhibition Man Next Door between 7 and 8 pm (for free).
I am thrilled about the excellent line-up in this twelfth edition: Simon Roberts (UK) about a decade of British landscape photography in Merrie Albion, Mathieu Asselin (FR) about his Paris Photo First Book Award winning on Monsanto and Esther Hovers (NL) about intelligent surveillance systems in her promising first book False Positives. Jan Banning (Utereg) will introduce us to his new book Red Utopia in the returning item ‘Van Eigen Bodem’.

There seems to be only one minor downside: As far as I know the tickets already SOLD OUT. Bummer. Please send an email to FOTODOK for information and ticket requests.

Peter van Agtmael, Awoiska van der Molen and Rob van Hoesel in next Fotodok Book Club


We have a great line up for the tenth edition of the FOTODOK Book Club, next Thursday, June 1 at 8 pm. Join us for exciting conversations with some of world’s best photobook makers and cold beers in the shadow of the Dom tower in Utrecht.
Magnum photographer Peter van Agtmael (Skype) talks about his new book Buzzing at the Sil, a sequel to Disco Night Sept. 11 that was shortlisted for the Paris Photo/Aperture Book Award and was named a Book of the Year by The New York Times Magazine, Time, Vogue and American Photo amongst others.
Awoïska van der Molen (NL) will talk about her new book Blanco, which is the successor of her previous and successful photo book Sequester. Van der Molen is nominated for this years prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Prize.
Designer and publisher Rob van Hoesel will talk about the challenges of combining designing and publishing books. Van Hoesel founded his publishing house The Eriskay Connection in 2011. Their books have consistently earned a spot on ‘Best of the Year’ lists photo book collectors like so much.

Kiril Golovchenko in FOTODOK Book Club on March 30, 8 pm.


I am very proud to announce our third guest for the FOTODOK Book Club: Kirill Golovchenko. He is the eastern European answer to Martin Parr, a master in bright visual strategies and a dedicated and productive self-publisher. Come and get inspired by this extremely active and talented Ukrainian photographer. Take your English, German and Russian dictionary with you. Also in this Book Club: Henk Wildschut and Mariken Wessels.

Henk Wildschut and Mariken Wessels in next


I am very happy to announce the presence of Henk Wildschut and Mariken Wessels at the next FOTODOK Book Club on Thursday March 30, 3017. Henk will talk about his super fresh book Ville de Calais, on the growth and decline of an informal village in the French dunes. Mariken Wessels will talk about her brilliant Taking Off. Henry My Neighbour, a book on her neighbor’s obsession with amateur nude art. After multiple nominations and winning the Arles 2016 Book Award, the book got recently nominated for the Dutch Photobook Award. Third guest will be announced soon.

Annual subscriptions for FOTODOK Book Club 2017 now for sale


Thank you all for attending the 8th edition of the FOTODOK Book Club and a special thank you to our guests Jack Latham, Laura Cnossen, Laia Abril (on Skype) and Jan Rosseel. Never want to be too late for a ticket next year? Annual subscription for four editions of the Book Club 2017 are now for sale via FOTODOK. Please check out sales information and dates via link below.

Sugar Paper Theories by Jack Latham in FOTODOK Book Club

Today I am preparing the eighth edition of the FOTODOK Book Club. Two years ago I started this initiative in an effort to interest a broader audience for photobooks. Tonight, again, the venue sold out. One of the books in this edition is the wonderful Sugar Paper Theories of Jack Latham. The historical story about two murders in 1974 in Iceland not only tells a lot about the functioning of a scarcely populated country, but also touches on universal police investigation issues such as confessions under coercion, mass hysteria and scapegoating. A great book and not only for the small introverted photobook community. Signed copies are for sale tonight at FOTODOK.

FOTODOK Book Club program announced


On October 6, 2016 at 8pm, I will present the 7th edition of the FOTODOK Book Club in Utrecht. In addition to previously announced Nicoló Degiorgis, also Florian van Roekel, Xiaoxiao Xu and Rinske Former will talk about their latest books a.o. about why men build ornithopters in an attempt to fly. If you do not want to miss FOTODOK’s Book Club, please consider buying an annual subscription (as regular sold out).

Nicolò Degiorgis in next edition of the FOTODOK Book Club in Utrecht


Very happy that Nicolò Degiorgis is finally coming to the next FOTODOK Book Club on Thursday October 6 in Utrecht. I met Nicolò for the first time in 2014 at Vienna PhotoBook Festival. He rented a table to sell his fantastic debut book Hidden Islam. There was another book Oasis Hotel on the table. I asked about it and with a smile on his face, he explained that it would look so lean selling only one book. During the next FOTODOK Book Club we will talk about the success and impact of Hidden Islam, but also about his role as a publisher and curator of the latest book by Daisuke Yokota and Max Pinckers.

Edmund Clark's Negative Publicity at the sixth edition of the Fotodok Book Club


Many thanks to Edmund Clark and Aperture’s Lesley Martin for their contributions to the FOTODOK Book Club, my live talk show about books in Utrecht. Negative Publicity: Artefacts of Extraordinary Rendition is without a doubt one of the most impressive books of 2016. It shows how our Western societies violates basic human rights on a large scale and in a coordinated manner.