Check out my restructured Photo Rental


Recently, my Photo Rental has been completely restructured. Among others, some works from the retrospective exhibition ‘Ordinary People’ are now available to rent. More people who are considering purchasing a limited edition work are now subscribing to my Photo Rental. A major advantage compared to a direct purchase is that you can try out the work for a year without financial risk. The rental fee is fully deductible from the purchase price. That is independent of the number of years you rent the work. In this way, the Photo Rental is also used to gradually pay off a work over a period of years.⁠

Soon back in Rental: Beach, Adler, Russia, 2011


This framed work (80 x 96 cm. / 31.5 x 37.8 in) of a summery beach in Adler near Sochi, Russia from 2011 is available again in my Photo Rental starting from the 1st of November. It is the last copy (in an edition of 5). For 174 euros it will be at least one year in your home or office. Additional benefit, the rental price is fully deductible if you decide to acquire the work.

If you have seen a work that you would like to rent but is not yet in the Photo Rental’s online database, please send a message to

The Europeans Gallery Prints


As of today, a number of works from The Europeans are for sale as well as available in Photo Rental. The starting price of a 42 x 51 cm framed work in an edition of 6 + 1 AP is €975 including VAT. More information about editions and prices is available on request. Renting the same work will cost you €9.50 per month. Additional benefit, if you decide to purchase the work after the rental period is over, the paid rent will be deducted from the sales price.

Check out new works in the Photo Rental


Lately I have added quite some new works - that have come back from exhibitions - to the Photo Rental. Like for example this work of 80 x 96 cm. (31.5 x 37.8 in.) from 2013 of the Georgian_Russian Friendship Monument in Gudauri. I also expect new photos to be added in the near future. Please follow the link below to discover how easy it works.

Always wanted to have a photo on your wall, but doubts about gallery purchase?


Then this new Photo Rental might be the solution for you! Flexibility is key. Choose from over 100 works, from small to super large (175 x 210 cm). All works are framed. The rental price for small works up to 50 x 60 cm is € 9.50 per month, larger works are rented for only € 14.50 per month. Also a nice gift to others during holiday season.

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