Sochi Singers (2011)

Recipient of a World Press Photo Award (Arts & Entertainment Stories), a Sony World Photography Awards (Arts & Culture) and a Zilveren Camera Award (Kunst en Cultuur), 2012

Sochi attracts mainly Russian tourists in the summer. On the one hand, they come looking for glitter and glamour and are prepared to pay for it; on the other, they attach great importance to Russian culture and traditions. The ultimate example of this can be found in Sochi’s nightlife. Many restaurants try to attract customers with flashing neon signs, semi-luxurious interiors and an abundance of staff. At the same time, every restaurant upholds a well-known Russian tradition of live musicians who belt out Russian chansons from behind an electric piano. Sochi Singers explores how a deeply rooted Russian tradition goes hand in hand with the city’s new capitalist glamour.

“As it is, we can take in all the details of decor and setting in what is a fascinating, anthropological look at a social phenomenon.”
— The Photobook: A History Volume III, 2014


Publisher: The Sochi Project, 2011
Softcover: 80pp
Dimensions: 29.7 x 38 cm (11 5/8 x 15 in.)
Language: English
Print run: 1,000 copies

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