Skechbook: KIEV (2012)

In 2011, Rob fell in love with a forty-year-old KIEV medium-format camera, which a friend gave him in Sochi. Over the following days, he roamed the city with his new acquisition. When he got home and developed the film, he found that the KIEV’s film transport system was defective. Kiev, is an ode to analog photography and depicts Sochi in the summer as shot from the hip. The booklet includes a short piece he wrote about analog photography and its wonderful unpredictability.

“Kiev is an ode to film photography, to its surprises, its imperfections, its accidents. The publication is an exceptional object.”
— Polka Magazine, 2012


Publisher: The Sochi Project, 2012
Series: Sketchbook no. 03
Fold-out book in a photo-illustrated wrapper
Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm (5 7/8 x 8 3/8 in.)
Language: English
Print run: 750 copies (numbered)

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