FAQ / Rental

Are rented photos framed?

You will receive the photos exactly as they appear on the website: framed and ready to hang on the wall.

Are the photos produced specifically for rent?

All the works are produced to the highest possible quality standards for exhibitions in museums and presentations in galleries and are regularly displayed. It is also possible to produce a work on request. In that case, a minimum number of rental years is usually required to cover production costs.

Can I have a rented work delivered?

If thoroughly packed, framed works up to 50x60 cm. can reliably be sent by a regular parcel service. Larger works can only transported by a recognised art transporter. The costs of international art transport are generally not proportionate to the rental price of large works. If you would like advice about the transport options, please send an email to rental@robhornstra.com.

Can I purchase the work after the rental period?

If you are interested in purchasing a rented work, it is advisable to inquire about the price and availability of the work. Please contact rental@robhornstra.com. If you decide to purchase the work, the full rental price - regardless of the number of years the work has been rented - is deductible from the sales price of the work. So in effect, renting a work is a way of paying for a work over a longer period of time. Also please read the Terms & Conditions.

Is transportation included in the rental price?

The renter is responsible for collecting and returning the rented works.

Where can I collect / return a rented work?

Most of the photos are in storage in our studio in Utrecht. They can be collected / returned by appointment. Please contact rental@robhornstra.com.

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