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Roman, Dranda, Abkhazia, 2010.

Roman the cook is the only prisoner we are allowed to photograph in Abkhazia’s only prison, Dranda. The other inmates are locked up in cells of which we are given a brief glimpse. Roman is delighted with the unusual visit from foreigners. Outside the prison gates is a row of stalls, where visitors can buy fresh ingredients for their friends or relatives inside. This is how the kitchen accesses good meat and herbs such as parsley. Roman gives the contents of one of the shiny new cauldrons another stir with his ladle and dishes up plates of fresh plov. “Life here isn’t so bad,” he says. “We cook three times a day, and the guards don’t beat us.”

From the series: Empty land, Promised land, Forbidden land
Original: Medium format 6x7 cm negative film
Print technique: Digital c-print
Size: 50 x 60 cm. (19 2/3 x 23 2/3 in.)
Mounting: Dibond / AR (matte) diasec
Frame: Walnut wood (no glass)

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