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Nikolay Zetunyan, Nizhny Eshera, Abkhazia, 2009.

Nikolay Yefremovich Zetunyan, eighty-eight, sits in his living room with a magnificent view of the Black Sea. Despite the subtropical climate and stunning location, most of the houses in Eshera are empty. During the war with Georgia in 1993, the ethnic Georgians were driven out of the village and the young men and women were killed in the fighting. Nikolay believes that his time has come and he is making his own coffin.

From the series: Empty land, Promised land, Forbidden land
Original: Medium format 6x7 cm negative film
Print technique: Digital c-print
Size: 50 x 60 cm. (19 2/3 x 23 2/3 in.)
Mounting: Dibond / AR (matte) diasec
Frame: Walnut wood (no glass)

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