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Brothers, Kodori, Abkhazia, 2009.

At the home of the Aschuba family, the enthusiastic grandfather lets us in. “If I’d known you were coming, I would have killed a goat,” he says, and goes down to the basement to fetch wine. His two grandsons, Zashrikwa, seventeen, and Edrese, fourteen, sit proudly with Kalashnikovs on their laps. Grandfather Tariel, 65, tells us about the escape to the Georgian city Kutaisi, when the first bombs fell. “We are mountain people. Borders don’t mean very much to us..”

From the series: Empty land, Promised land, Forbidden land
Original: Medium format 6x7 cm negative film
Print technique: Digital c-print
Size: 50 x 60 cm. (19 2/3 x 23 2/3 in.)
Mounting: Dibond / AR (matte) diasec
Frame: Walnut wood (no glass)

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